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Before creating any new materials for you organization, you want to have solid brand style guidelines set into place. Especially so if you have more than one person working on information going out to the world, which for most businesses and organizations is the case.

These brand style guidelines include more than just a logo or icon. Colors, fonts (sizing and weight), alternate logos, imagery (photos and graphics), tone of text, and even the feelings you convey with your marketing and product materials should be consistent across all your media channels.

This consistency of branding affects your brand credibility, which in turn, affects your organization’s credibility in the eyes of your customers, clients, or donors. This is true for businesses, non-profits, schools and other organzations.

If you don’t already have brand style guidelines, CJ Creative Design, LLC can help you determine what they should be. We can either work through what you already have, update your current style, or create an entirely new brand presence using these key parts:

  • mission
  • vision
  • target audience
  • brand personality
  • core values

Once everyone is working from the same brand style guidelines, you can more easily delegate your marketing to others, whether it’s an agency, employees, or volunteers. These people working on your website, newsletters, social media posts, brochures, invoice forms, and other materials work more efficiently when they have a clear framework to work within toward creating new items that enhance your organization’s brand.

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