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I love color. I love the messages that colors send just by being a color. Reds for warmth and excitement. Blues for calming and honor (think first place ribbon.) Colors sometimes say things before our words even reach their audience.

I’ve had a book on my shelf for quite some time that I love to page through every now and again for inspiration. It’s called Color – Messages & Meanings: A PANTONE Color Resource. This book has pages of descriptions of the connotations of different colors as well as sample palettes which work great when you’re trying to build your business identity. I have several books on color, but this one is my favorite.

I’ve pulled together a few online color resources you can use if you want to play around with some different ideas. You can use them for business logo colors, or even to help you repaint your workspace.

Don’t forget to write down the codes of your favorites. It’s hard to remember after you look at so many, and your designer needs to know which kind of blue you like best!

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