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Domain Renewal in the Mail?

Today, I received a letter from the United States Domain Authority explaining how I can pay for my domain through next year. Sounds official, doesn’t it?

It is actually an unwanted piece of advertising. Unfortunately, many clients receive similar notices too, and are confused when bill-like advertisements show up in their mailboxes.

They have the correct current domain registrar information which makes the mail look like an authentic document about my domain. At least this particular company is honest about trying to drum up business. Included at the bottom of their letter: “THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION.”

However, there is absolutely no reason for me to pay $289 annually for a domain I already have registered. Most domains are under $30 (a few are more “premium” and cost more.)

Be sure to read the fine print of any type of unfamiliar bills or documents before sending money. You can research the company by searching the internet for “company name” + “reviews” as your search terms. Find out if there are several angry customers. If so, it’s probably not a legitimate company, much less someone you owe money. Unfortunately, scammers, con-artists and rip-off businesses are taking advantage of people any way they can.

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